Hey, I am Jimil Desai!


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What I do

Full stack software developer, currently pursuing bachelors in Information and Communication Technology.

More about me

I am a full stack web developer with experience in Application/Web design. I love learning and reading about new emerging technologies.

I enjoy working on complex problems and developing scalable production ready solutions. Currently I am particularly interested in working on microservice architecture. I also like contributing to open source in my free time!


Fullstack developer with primary focus on NodeJS + React : Download Resume

  • React-JS
  • Node-JS
  • Go
  • C++
  • MongoDB
  • Latex
  • MySQL
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • AWS (Serverless)
  • Wireshark
  • Postman
  • Kubernetes

Some of my projects

Serverless Note-App

Developed a serverless full stack note taking application.

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Mutlicast Video Streaming

Developed a video streaming service(Internet radio) entirely in C using IP Multicast.

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Expense Manager

Developed personalized expense manager with user reports and dashboard

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